Thursday, December 29, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Christmas morning at church

The goofballs ;)

Mom and Pastor Thibeault playing Phase Ten

Twenty-two people and three dogs...things get a little crowded! 

Our "ooh"ing and "ahh"ing section.


  We all had a fantastic Christmas! We enjoyed going to church on Christmas day then sharing a few days with family in Maine! While we all enjoy exchanging gifts, nothing could ever be more of a joy then the greatest Gift God gave to us. Even though Christmas can get busy with preparations I hope that you kept Christ in your CHRISTmas.


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Surprise 25th Anniversary!

The Rofes were here a few days before the party so they helped us make banners when the parents went out!

They were pretty surprised!

Still very much in love ;]

A huge thank you to Mrs. Panzanella for making the cake! It not only looks amazing but it was SO yummy! :D

Mr. Tamburro giving all the men advice on what to put down for their answers ;]

We played a "How well do you know your Spouse?" game.

Grandma and Aunt Kim

Amanda torturing Tessa ;]

Noah is quite the little photographer.

Truman pushing Amanda :]


We want to thank all those that came to our parent's surprise party and made it so special! The party helped send them off on their second honeymoon and they had a fantastic time in Amish country! We also want to thank all those that couldn't come but sent their love and prayers!
Thank you all! :D

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Planting Season! :]

Team work is how it gets done!

I believe these are pepper plants.

Noah cooling off the dog. ;]

There's nothing like cold lemonade after working hard in the garden on a hot day.

This nifty gadget is a planter.
I asked dad what vegetables Grandpa Kinney had used it for and he replied: "Mostly turnip."
I guess Grandpa would have to have a tool to plant so much turnip....
No wonder dad hates turnip. ;]

After a long winter there's nothing like feeling the dirt under your feet.

Yeah. . . mom doesn't like it as much when we go inside with dirty feet ;]

The men! My brothers are growing up so much!
Leroy is way taller then me and Caleb isn't far behind!

Planting/Gardening is one of our favorite things to do together as a family. Its not only the sweat, manual labor, working together, and getting dirty; but its the wonderful outcome of what the plants produce. To see that tiny seed go into the ground then with water and nurturing (and a whole lot of weeding) it springs up and produces fruit. . . and vegetables. ;]
We pray that our efforts here on earth produce as much fruit for His glory.