Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Vacation Day 2-THE END!

This is what I call a 'drive by shooting'. I did a lot of that on our vacation!

Caleb and me! (haha and Leroy...nice try)

Q- What is a vacation without ice cream?
A- a depressing vacation.
 SO we ate ice cream! :D


Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do...and if you get ice cream on your nose it turns into a who-can -touch-your-nose-with-your-tongue competition!

Doesn't matter the age- old or young- the Amish ride these scooter bikes every where! 

We had a fantastic time on our vacation! You probably thought that we became Amish and stayed there because I didn't get past the 'Vacation Day 1' post! Just got a little busy. You know, those things that seem to pile up while you're gone and you have to eat away at the mountain once home! 
Now that we are home the planting has begun! We got our inspiration in Amish country (though our garden is going to be WAY smaller then any of theirs) and I can't wait to watch the plants grow!