Saturday, July 2, 2011

Surprise 25th Anniversary!

The Rofes were here a few days before the party so they helped us make banners when the parents went out!

They were pretty surprised!

Still very much in love ;]

A huge thank you to Mrs. Panzanella for making the cake! It not only looks amazing but it was SO yummy! :D

Mr. Tamburro giving all the men advice on what to put down for their answers ;]

We played a "How well do you know your Spouse?" game.

Grandma and Aunt Kim

Amanda torturing Tessa ;]

Noah is quite the little photographer.

Truman pushing Amanda :]


We want to thank all those that came to our parent's surprise party and made it so special! The party helped send them off on their second honeymoon and they had a fantastic time in Amish country! We also want to thank all those that couldn't come but sent their love and prayers!
Thank you all! :D