Wednesday, October 15, 2008



Janey said...

Hi Kinney Family,
Ok well to begin work day was so funn even though I did not get to go on the roof it was still totally fun!! and I had and awesome time sleeping over your house FRIDAY NIGHT AFTER FAMOLY NIGHT. Oh also family night was a huge sucess I loved IT.I Love you guys,

Janey!! said...

Hey Guys!
Hi well I just wanna tell you how awesome youe blog is and that I'm on it. Awesome! So I've had a lot of fun with you guys the last couple weeks and I also figured out I DON'T LIKE FAKE NAILS! They may be pretty but they're sure painful;( Mia and Aly and Mrs. kinney thanks so so much for putting up with me that night it was so so nice. I love the whole FRANtastics thing! Suzy even is bringing her whole family to Reletive week and lunch! It is also really cool cuz we get to try everybodies food! MMMMMMMM!!!! Well until Sunday I love you all,

Janey!! said...

Ok I love commenting! Fun Fun Fun!!!