Thursday, April 30, 2009

Vacation Update

Well readers, our family is on our 4th day of vacation and loving every minute of it! Well...except for the time where we suffer from sunburns. :) We arrived in Duck, North Carolina on Sunday night after two days of a lot of driving and sitting in 5 mph traffic. We are staying at a resort that is just a walk away from the grand ocean. It is beautiful here, and the kids have thoroughly enjoyed swimming in the frigid sea and making sandcastles on the beach! The men on the other hand (aka...Leroy and Dad) went out this afternoon for a day of golfing with some friends we are vacationing with.

And so, we are relaxing in the peaceful atmosphere and not wanting the time to flee away too fast!

Yesterday was a blast. We drove on the beach in Corolla, in search for those wild horses everyone keeps telling us about. We didn't find them, but we did get our fair share of cold wind blowing in our faces as we rode in the back of our friend's pick-up truck! If you ever want an interesting ride, go four-wheeling on a sandy beach and you'll get it!

Of course there always seem to be internet problems everywhere we go, so posting a lot of pictures won't be happening. For now, we'll post a few and that will have to do until we get better internet access! ;)

Until the next post...

Riding on the beach

Our view from the house