Friday, May 21, 2010

Its Cow Catching Season!

I know this posting is a little late, but better late then never :) We had quite the fun experience on the Thursday before Mother's Day! We were all getting ready to head out to Old Sturbridge Village to "surprise" (we can never get some thing by behind mom) mom, when some one yelled out "there's a cow in our yard". So of course we all get out there and try to catch it. He (he, as dad explained it, is a steer) had other plans. So he circled every thing and eventually dad took this wicked long rope some one had gotten him and made a halter out of it and wrestled the cow into it. We went over to "the horse lady" 's (as we call her) house and asked her if she knew of any one that had a loose steer. She helped us catch him and let us tie him up to her tree until some one claimed him. Sadly some one ended up coming for him. I'm sure that if no one did come dad would have gladly kept him ;) Later we heard that the steer (we nicknamed him curly) had never had a rope on him and the guy was very impressed. I'm sure every one was talking about it saying some thing like "those new people were out running around catching a cow. . .". So since that day we have been trying to convince dad into getting a cow. Maybe some day. . .

Moving horizontally from top left down to the bottom right is what happened.

While the horses were wondering what was going . . .

. . .and Leroy was hiding behind the tree. . .

. . . Dad was making a new friend. :)

Special thanks to Jane Carr who took all of the cow pictures. :)