Thursday, March 24, 2011


Amelia telling Leroy how to cut the turkey ;)


Truman :)

Mr. Carr just LOVES (the hate kind of love) peas so we gave him a
whole bowl of home-grown organic peas. He would have enjoyed them immensely,
had he actually tried them.

Jane, Leroy, and me (behind the camera).

Caleb, Nick, and Abby.

All the guys watching the football game.

This is extremely late, but this is a glimpse of what our Thanks Giving day looked like.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


And we're back! I'm so sorry for not posting any thing since the wedding. Life is so busy! There has been so much going on, but for right now I'll start with Noah. Noah is our eight year old foster child. He came to our house around the beginning of January and has been thriving in our home ever since. :) Here are a couple pictures of him:

I plan to post some pictures of the events that have happened since I last posted
and hopefully I'll keep up! ;) Hope you enjoyed!