Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What came first...?

The chicken....

Or the egg???

While there is much debate over this we all know the answer...don't we? In my dad's words: "We all know that God made animals...not eggs!" 21  And God created....every winged fowl after his kind: and God saw that it was good.
 22  And God blessed them, saying, Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the waters in the seas, and let fowl multiply in the earth.  -Genesis 1:21-22
So you see? God made the creatures and THEN they multiplied. The chicken and then the egg. ;) We got a surprise today (well, not really surprising because most normal chickens produce eggs...) 8 eggs were sitting in the coup! This is their first laying that we have found! We all look forward to eating FRESH eggs in the morning!! :) God always provides!

 This is a movie of our rooster crowing ;) He is trying to get the hang of it and practices ALL the time. Mom said he sounds like a squeaky teenager and will soon get his "man" voice ;)  

Well, summer is going by so quickly! I'll be adding another family post of a few different things we have been up to  and hopefully add some pictures of the family (yes, people pictures!) soon! Until then I hope you enjoyed out "chicken" post ;) 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Summer stuff...

This summer has been full and very busy!  But here are a few things that have been happening...

To keep with the "open door policy" that we have, we tore our door out. You may now enter any time, unannounced, and don't even have to knock!...oh wait- that already happens! ;) We replaced the leaking back door and no longer have to mop up the floor after every rain storm. 
It is nice having men in our house that can fix just about anything!
The "after" picture didn't make it onto the computer....

 This of course was a while ago....PEAS!

 We have planted, harvested, blanched, and bagged numerous freezer bags of precious peas and beans!

 Our trusty tractor helped ready the ground. Our orange tractor is on the waiting list for surgical procedure ;)

 Apparently tractors enjoy breaking right before we need them most. This is the riding lawn mower that was down for the count until the ordered part came muscles still ache from raking the whole front lawn!

 Old Sturbridge Village is one of our favorite places to visit! We went on the fourth of July and enjoyed hearing the Declaration of Independence. 

 This is probably one of the reasons that we enjoy going to OSV so much....we feel right at home ;)

 We had a hard time getting dad away from this beautiful calf. ;)

 'Tis the season...for grapes! These grow along the back boarder line of our property- entwined up and down the trees and other brush back there. Not the greatest to pop into the mouth and savor, but they make wonderful grape jelly!

Our 'guaranteed' pullets ended up having a surprise in the package! Yes, this is a rooster. He is beautiful and proud, but we want eggs not baby chicks! Anyone interesting in having a rooster pecking around in their back yard? ;)

Our beautiful dog is looking for a boy friend ;) We are looking into breeding Tessa only one thing missing- a male purebred Border Collie. We'd like to breed her with some dog in the area if it is at all possible, but if not anyone know of a suitable mate? ;)

Well, that was a nutshell of what has been going on! Sorry there aren't that many pictures of the family! If your interested in our ministry at the church check out our church blog! That is where most of our time is spent- ministering to those in Auburn and the adjoining towns!

(church blog is soon to be updated!)