Thursday, January 22, 2009

Blessings Farm Photos

Though it's been a while since we have posted pictures or mentioned the horse farm, we are still actively involved every week as volunteers. As of late, going to the barn has been extremely challenging because of the bitterly cold nights we have had. Nevertheless, we still enjoy (very much!) going every Monday night to help "Miss Liz" with classes. Since there are only a few kids who have been coming to the Monday night classes, some of us have been able to ride and get in on some training, as well.

I captured a shot right as we were headed down to the barn.

JD (Jim Dandy) is our poser . . . yes, definitely a poser. :)

PS: I promise to get some more pictures on here of the farm . . .soon as I get some better nights to do to so!


Janey said...

Such a cute pic Mia!! I love the one of us walking down to the barn!! Awesome!