Tuesday, January 20, 2009

HSBC 5th Year Anniversary Celebration

Our church celebrated its 5 years of existence this past weekend as Hampton Street Baptist Church. Of course we would have enjoyed every bit of the celebration if we were all alone last weekend, but what made it even more special were the people from sister churches who came to celebrate with us. The services were wonderful, the singing and fellowship sweet, and just the fact that we were celebrating the first five, tough years as HSBC was encouraging to not only our family, but the church family as well. We made it this far, and with some an enthusiasm and passion to continue to "run the race" we look forward to the many blessings God has in store for us as we faithfully follow Him. Continue to keep praying for our family as we enter the new year ahead of us.

Of course many, many pictures were taken during the weekend, and we hope you enjoy viewing them and getting a feel of the same excitement we had during the event.

~The Kinney Family

Our family around Dad as he signs the Charter Membership

Coralie serving cake.

Leroy and the Carr boys

Amelia cutting the cake she designed from the bakery she works at.

A lasagna dinner hosted by our church

First session of the celebration

Leroy with Tucker Brown