Thursday, February 12, 2009


I have just installed a new Playlist at the bottom of the page with a few songs on it (will put more on later). I thought it might be nice for those that want to visit the blog for a few minutes and listen to music as well. It will not automatically start up (as I have heard some do not like to listen to music while browsing), so you will have to go and hit the play button for it to start up.

Enjoy this new addition to our blog!



Anonymous said...

I like the playlist, Amelia. Of the few blogs I've seen, this is the only one with nice music- and you could add hundreds more of Majesty Music and whatever. =)

-Rachel Brown

Janey said...

Oh Mia! I love it! It's so beautiful, well the music I mean! I have been listening to it all day! I love the Pride and Prejuduce songs you picked out!! Awww.....
Love You,
Janey Poo :D