Monday, February 2, 2009

A Weekend at Grampa & Gramma's House

Wow - what a weekend! Before Dad had his surgery to remove his bladder cancer, we knew that he would need some major resting time. We knew the WHOLE family could use a little vacation, so we headed up to Maine to visit Grampa and Gramma from Friday night to Monday afternoon. The whole weekend was not only relaxing, but amazingly fun. Here are some pictures we want to share with you from our weekend. Enjoy!

Some cross-country skiing and snow-shoeing!

Leroy waiting for dinner. Typical. ;)

Okay, so when I (Amelia) brought my camera to the table to get some pictures of our suppers, my family just laughed at me. Gramma's home-cooking is AMAZING though! Yes, it tastes just as good as it looks!

A funny story (about the picture above) in Dad's words: "Alyssa had taken the goey part off the bottom of her sweet roll and set it in the middle of her plate. Well, she had turned around and was yacking with someone else at the table, so I grabbed her roll and set it near my dish. When she turned back to her plate, she suddenly realized that her favorite part of the sticky bun was missing."
It brought on a lot of laughing. . .we have the best laughs around the dinner table. :)


Caleb cross-country skiing.


Coralie and Bumpa (as we used to [and still do!] call him)

An interesting shot. . .

Coralie strapping in.

Yeah. . . :)

We dropped over to Aunt Linda's house on Saturday to visit. Here we are with Grampa Kinney.

Dad with his great niece, Hannah, who seems to be FULL of smiles.


Gina said...

Gorgeous photography! I especially love the fence shots, and the one of Coralie holding her board. And every good blogger photographs her dinner now and then! I always forget to capture the really pretty meals until they're wiped clean ;)

We'll be praying for the surgery to go well.

-Gina & family